New Amsterdam

by Scott Stein

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The second of four new singles that I'm releasing this year. Cheers!


I'll stand on the corner
And whistle to the girl on the balcony
And I'll ask her if she'll do the singing this time.
Then I'll say -
Do you wanna come down
To the bad part of town
With that pretty old frown? -
As the cabs circle 'round.
Then I'll make a speech about the drumbeats of war
And she'll ask what it's for.
And I don't expect her to beg me to stay
Or to meet me half-way
But I guess that's Ok.

New Amsterdam, Amsterdam
I cannot recall
Which one of your kisses first caused me to fall.
Honey, oh honey,
Oh it won't be long
Til all of Manhattan is singing your song.

There are things I would do for her
That can't be explained or be reasoned.
Other arms have reached out but they can't hold a candle to her.
I'm a silly romantic -
It's my one good vice
And when she's colder than ice
I'll try to be nice
Against better advice.
Though she changes her mind like she changes her hair,
It's clear I don't care.
She laughed as the sound of accordion buzz
Got heat from the fuzz
For doing what it does.


Last night I dreamt they arrested the poet of 14th St.
And though I never knew the man
It still made me sad
And I wished that I'd had.

And it's true that she's changed...

And she swears she's less radiant than she was before
So many winters and summers and falls
But then again, aren't we all?



released February 25, 2014
released 25 February 2014
Music, lyrics and orchestrations by Scott Stein
Recorded Jan. 21-22, 2014 at The Bunker Studio - Brooklyn, NY
Engineered & Mixed by Aaron Nevezie
Produced by Scott Stein & Aaron Nevezie
Mastered by Randy Merrill at Merrill Mastering, New York

Scott Stein - guitar, vocals
Gil Goldin - bass
Jeff Young, Melissa Tong - violins
Adam Schneit - clarinet
Erin Rogers - tenor saxophone
Jack Davis - trombone

(C) 2014 Scott M. Stein (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Scott Stein New York, New York

On Traveling Companion, NYC songsmith Scott Stein reflects on the themes of marriage, life on the road and growing older in a young man's profession. A busy, rapidly-changing city provides the backdrop as Stein's wistful melodies are delivered in a poignant, often understated vocal style that has become his trademark. Fans of Burt Bacharach, Paul Simon and Elton John will find much to enjoy. ... more

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